Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm not arty or creative. Is this something I can still do? 

A: A resoundingly huge, YES!

Painting Your Own Pottery is a lot of fun, even if you consider yourself as creative as a lump of clay. 

Some of the most stunning pieces come from simple ideas & our painters constantly amaze themselves with how brilliant their finished pieces look. 

We are always on hand to help guide you with sneakily simple techniques or a bit of inspiration to help you create a piece to be really proud of. 

If you need some pre-painting inspiration, why not look at our Pinterest page or You Tube? 

Q: How long until I get my finished piece back? 

A: 7 days from the day you paint.

This is not a process you can rush!

Items need to totally dry, get a clear glaze layer, dry again, be dry footed and then fired in the kiln. 

Once in the kiln, it is in there for about 48 hours as it gets up to temperature (about 1000 degrees)and then cools very very slowly.

Because of this, we can only fire the kiln 2-3 times each week. There is no set firing schedule, as this depends on how how full the kiln. 

There is no way of knowing what items will be painted on a day - sometimes it's all mugs, sometimes it might be three large platters, which will suddenly fill a kiln!

At busier times, this might take a little bit longer because of the high volume of items to process. 

We manage bookings to ensure the consistent 7 day turnaround.

We recommend that you book a session well in advance for busy times such as Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day & Christmas to avoid disappointment.  

Q: Why is there a Studio Fee? 

A: Our Studio Fee covers the cost for the coloured glazes you use, as well as the professional application of a clear outer glaze & firing of the kiln. 

Q: Do you do discounts?

A: We offer discounts to community services such as residential retirement homes or special needs support groups. 

Our Website Subscribers also receive Exclusive Discounts. 

Q: Can we eat and drink during a session? 

A: Drinking is absolutely fine when you are painting - we positively encourage relaxing over a cuppa or refreshing beverage as you paint and chat; just be careful not to confuse your drink with the dirty brush water...

Eating is best left to after you have finished painting as grease & crumbs can easily transfer to your piece, which will affect how well the glaze sticks to the bisque. This can lead to all sorts of problems during firing. 


We do not provide cutlery or crockery for food and drink. 

If you choose to bring food and drink into the Studio Shop, please note you are required to remove any waste. 

Q: What if my item is damaged during firing

A: Because clay is an organic material, there can occasionally be some irregularities during the firing process,  which results in a crack in the piece. 

Here at The Painted Teapot, we check every ceramic piece for obvious defects prior to painting, to help eliminate the chance of firing damage. 

Sadly some defects are harder to detect &, very rarely, a piece will get damaged in the kiln with a chip or crack. 

We will always offer you a full refund or voucher for ceramic pieces damaged during firing. 

Please note we cannot offer refunds for irregularities in glazing. 

Q: How do I know when my piece is ready? Do you call?

A: No, sadly we cannot individually contact everyone to tell them when their piece is ready. We let you know at time of painting when items will be ready (usually exactly in a week/7days) and we also have a board in the studio with the date it will be ready on for you to take a photo of as a personal reminder.

We only call if something bad happens in the kiln... it's very very rare!

If we have managed to process items more quickly than expected, we will post on our FB page

Please note that we only have studio capacity to keep items for 3 months before we pass them on to the Big Ceramic Studio in the Sky...  

Q: Do you do parties?

A: YES! Children/Bridal showers/Baby showers/Adults - we do them all! Please see the Parties page

Q: Do you do team building? 

A: YES! Please see the Team Building page

Q: What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? 

A: Roughly 11 meters per second, or 24 miles an hour.