Our Story

Ceramics are amazing. The range & styles are endless. From dainty flowery teacups, to less than attractive sculptures that only an art critic could rave about- everybody can always find a piece that they love


Pottery has unwittingly been a part of my life for as long as I can remember; we have weird & wonderful pieces collected over years from trips around the world, tiny treasured footprints from our children's first days & our stunning, hand-painted wedding plate, created by my super-talented bridesmaid, Robin (who somehow also managed the miracle of cajoling all our guests to sign it, even after all those lemon sherbets...). Not to mention all those rose-tinted childhood memories of playing with clay; making mini canopic jars for learning about Egyptian embalming, winding wonky coil bowls or even sculpting a model of the odious Queen of Hearts in my Year 9 art class, which was just such brilliant a likeness...until her head blew off in the kiln. Some would say that's just karma for her. 

Even as a uni student, I spent weeks & weeks digging up broken bits of pottery on wet & windy archaeological sites around the UK, eventually getting a degree based on studying the stuff

Without knowing it, I was potty about pottery.

But that's probably why pottery is still such a special material to me. It's all around us. Take a quick look at all the pottery around you right now. It's everywhere - mugs, cereal bowls, tiles, basins... even your toilet. Pottery is such a simple, yet important part of our lives. 

And, once fired, it lasts. 

It really can last a lifetime.

Or longer. 

Well, as long as your.Year 9 art teacher doesn't destroy it when firing up the kiln... 

Why Paint Your Own Pottery? 

Here at PPP HQ, we believe that Painting Your Own Pottery (PYOP) is the most fun, most relaxing & easiest way to easily enjoy ceramics. Friendships, relationships, new babies, growing children... there is always an excellent reason to design a totally unique piece of handpainted pottery to celebrate. 

And even if you don't have a special occasion, it's sometimes just marvellous to get together with friends, forget about the daily grind & enjoy throwing yourself into painting. You can go for finely detailed designs, or just slosh and flick the paint on - there is no right or wrong. That's the beauty of PYOP. 

I love how each piece captures a creative snapshot in time; a footprint, a picture, a memory. In today's throwaway & digital society, it seems more important than ever to create something that is really real, that we can use and has everyday meaning. And that was bloomin' good fun to create.  

Some will be truly stunning pieces. Some will be, well, a little bit more splodgy. Some will be proudly displayed for years on the wall. Some will be used everyday to stash the TimTams in. But each painted piece of pottery marks a unique moment. Each one will have a story behind it. Each one will make you smile whenever you look at it or use it. 

Our recent move from the UK to stunning Western Australia has provided the opportunity to combine my love of ceramics with working alongside the vibrant Perth community; to establish an exciting new venture that enables others the chance to enjoy painting their own pottery too. 

At Perth Pottery Painting HQ, we always see our painters finish a piece filled with a huge sense of pride & achievement - even those who didn't think they were creative when they started.

We love seeing people playing with colour & designs as they paint. But sometimes, the most simple of ideas is the most effective. Every time is different - different style, different colours, different piece. 

But one thing is always the same - That Smile; when painters see their own finished item for the first time after it has been fired. That Smile is absolutely priceless.

Our aims are clear:

To celebrate fun, friendship & beautiful things. 

To make minimum environmental impact with our Green Pledge.

To help everyone enjoy painting their own simply brilliant piece of pottery to love & last. 

                                                                     Tory, Founder of PPP