Like a fish growing legs...

I truly feel like we are rapidly evolving every day.

This week we are open, but now have...

  • Reduced seating in studio to aid social distancing.

  • Take Home Kits available from the studio.

  • Online Gift Shop

  • Free Delivery to most of central #Perth suburbs

Some of these have been up my sleeve for a while, so it has just felt like they've been rolled out quickly...slightly too quickly! Hopefully any glitches will be easily solved!

I'm trying to update the website, FB & IG regularly to help keep all our lovely customers up to date with the latest development, whilst also getting my head around the very likely prospect of having to imminently homeschool my two little ones.

I have a squillion and one things that I am worried & thinking about in the middle of the night, but I'm also grateful that TPT is in a position to evolve quickly. If we can be the fish that can grow the legs, hopefully the future will give us a chance to run again.

Stay safe folks!

Tory x

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