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Ahhhh...birthdays... So much celebrating. So much champagne. So much cake. Even better if they fall the same week as Easter. Just add chocolate coma to that list too.

It was our big little one's 5th birthday earlier this week. Being 5 is a pretty big deal when you are 5, so there was the inevitable party and mounds of food (sausages, sausages and more sausages not to mention a healthy dose of fairy bread) piled up for the guests.

Not going to lie, but stress levels were beginning to abubble up to Mount Vesuvius lava about 5 minutes before the start time when I realised I'd only been mildly threatening the sausages with a defrosting oven temperature for the past half an hour, instead of roasting the life out of them.

So it made us grin so much to whip out this celebration platter from our little one's Christening, ready for serving up all those birthday sausages.

The design was my husband's idea, concocted when Madam was about a month old, to make a plate that looked like she had just wandered all over it. Oh, what a genius one month old we had, to be walking so early!

Obviously this look took a fair bit of er "engineering" with a tiny squirmy baby, who could barely hold up her head, let alone saunter over ceramics, but it was a lot of fun to create together as a couple, over some cake and coffee. We found the afternoon at the PYOP cafe hilarious.

It was clearly when the sleep deprivation was really just kicking in.

A few days later, we then got the guests at the christening to sign the plate, before taking it back to the studio to get it glazed and fired.

It's not technically perfect. Now I actually know about PYOP from the professional painting view, there are definitely elements I would approach differently.

I'm not entirely sure about the black for a Christening plate. We clearly decided against a more traditional design, or even one that was subtly coloured in pastel hues and thought it was a brilliant plan at the time.

It's quirky. Let's leave it at that.

It's smudgy from 1 month old Madam squirming because she was fed up with her inept parents. The perfectionist in me still wants to go back in time and mop up the edges of the prints, but that wouldn't have reflected the process.

And then there was a fault in the overglaze from when it was fired by the PYOP cafe.

They offered to give us a new one. But we refused.

Because it is perfect to us.

And, most importantly, every time we use it, we now think of all those lovely people who were there celebrating with us. Which was exactly the plan; to create a piece to celebrate our little one's special day. Every time we use this plate we remember how we all squeezed into our sitting room because it was such a horrible wet and windy day in June (a beautiful UK summer's day, obviously), but there was so much happiness squished into that suburban room. Most of those people are now on the other side of the world and it's more special than ever to have such a personal touch, physically here with us in Perth. Before we moved here, it reminded us of family who had travelled to the UK for that day. Those people won't all be together again ever again, which is a really strange and slightly sobering thought.

PYOP really does capture moments. This piece connects our our friends and family all over the world, coming together to celebrate a tiny life. And now it connects our old life with our new life. It'll still connect them with our daughter when she's older and uses this plate, possibly for parties of her own.

That's impressive for a few splodges of paint on a plate stacked full of sausages.

What special celebration you'd like to mark with a unique signature plate? Is there a slightly off the wall design you'd like to try? Would you want yours to be a presentation piece or one that you can use some or all of the time?

Why not leave us a message below or via our Twitter or Facebook page to let us know!

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