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Updated: Mar 9, 2018

Today's article is about two images, both of which have been at the heart of this process from the start; the company’s logo and a small footprint plate.

Our logo is totally driven by our beautiful location in Perth and what we do. Its shape and colour represents the sun that shines so brightly in these parts. Our website is awash with shades of blue; the clear sky and cool sea that go hand in hand with the sun in Perth, and that bring a big smile of positivity to our lives here.The double rim of the logo is also a nod to one of our most important products; the humble plate. So simple and yet so full of endless possibilities to make your own mark.

The plate, pictured below, is the first piece I did with my daughter when she was about 5 weeks old. The experience was hilarious – a group of very new mums, trying to get a couple of perfect prints for the new proud dads’ first Father’s Day, which was imminent. We had imagined a relaxing session, sipping coffee and chomping cakes as we serenely printed cherubic footprints onto a range of bisque.

The reality was crying, squirming babies, smudged prints that had to be redone and paint being smeared everywhere. I’d enjoyed PYOP a few times before having children, but this was the first time when I really really appreciated how it brought friends together and had also captured a very special unique moment in my daughter’s life.

That said, the happiness was short lived. I was contacted in the following week by the cafe to tell me my plate had been badly damaged in the kiln.I was gutted.But there’s no point crying over broken pots. It’s part of the risk of dealing with any craft activity. Things sometimes do not go to plan. As a positive, they offered me a free repaint session, so it gave me a chance to go along with my husband and daughter; a new opportunity for making more memories, which was just as important as the finished piece. And compared to my husband, I felt like an absolute pro at getting a squirming baby to print their painted feet by this point.

Not that it’s a competition. Ahem.

But this simple little plate embodies what I love about Painting Your Own Pottery. Sharing the time with friends and family, creating together. Sometimes being slightly out of your comfort zone, but feeling a huge sense of achievement when you see the end result. It is where the seed was first sown for me to seriously consider starting up my own ceramic painting company, so others can experience the highs (and hopefully avoid the lows).

I love seeing people being so happy and proud about what they can achieve. It’s what I loved about teaching. It’s what I love about being a mum. It’s what I love about my new role; seeing the joy when the final painted and fired product exceeds the expectations of what a person thought they were capable of creating.

Our mission at Perth Pottery Painting is clear – we are here to help you to create memories; to create simple brilliance of your own.

Whether those memories are recording children’s footprints at your playgroup, a thank you for a class teacher, team building with colleagues, or just having a relaxing time with friends, we are sure we can help.We will be fully launching in the Autumn. If you’d like to hear our latest news, just like our FB page, follow us on Twitter or sign up to our website.

Please do get in touch as we’d love to hear from you.

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