Ready for 2020...

Wowsers... 2019 went by in a flash!

I am ever so slightly overwhelmed when I think of the amazing people and incredibly kind comments TPT has attracted over the past 12 months. I honestly struggle to think that 2020 can top 2019... but obviously I hope it will do!

Some of the highlights of 2019 have been the community groups that have visited the studio throughout the year, including young & old painters who need more support. There's been a lot of joy, pride & smiles, which make all the hours behind the scenes worth while.

Another high has been the development of new friendships with a few people of Perth who are now self-confessed pottery painting addicts. You're welcome! (And I love our chinwags & putting the world to right 😘)

My most nerve-wrecking moment was taking the footprints of a 2-day-old baby - yes, the joy of being down the road from Perth's main maternity hospital - and her family's handprints on a most enormous platter... just hours before they whizzed back home to Esperance (about 10 hours drive for non-WA readers). SUCH a precious bundle & I knew we could never capture that early moment again if there was an issue with the firing. I'm pleased to say that all went well & the finished platter was picked up just before Christmas - Mum & family were thrilled with how it turned out! Phewph!

Thank you Perth for embracing this whimsical little studio and for all the support. It's been great to have a few days with my little family. Inevitably, we've popped into the studio a few times for some dipping & firing, and I've also been starting to tart up the website a bit (a work in progress, but I like it so far), but it's been a well needed break to clear the mind, all ready for a new year of events, workshops & even more pottery painting.

I've struggled to find a picture to sum up this year. But I think these caption coasters have it pretty much covered... 😂

Wishing you all a most splendid start to 2020 and looking forward to sharing more adventures with you in the new year.

Tory x

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