The countdown begins...

And so my Australian Partner Visa has now been graciously granted and we are now steaming ahead towards fully launching Perth Pottery Painting over the coming months. I feel like I've been sitting on this Paint Your Own Pottery business plan for a while, but always been thwarted by the fear of leaving a comfortable salary to face the extortionate costs in the UK for property rental and overheads, or saturation of the local market. A move to the other side of the world, where they don't recognise your qualifications, has certainly been a wake up call to take the plunge.

So, before leaving the UK, I started on my plans in earnest, sourcing information and training from the best around. I am raring to go! Despite being on the verge of launch, however, I do occasionally wonder if I can succeed in making this dream a reality, especially with two small children to look after in my new capacity as a stay-at-home mum. Whenever this cheeky little niggle creeps in, I just have to remind myself of the following, for if I never tried, I'll never know.

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