What a difference a Year makes

So The Painted Teapot is now One. And, gosh, we're enjoying its growth.

This time last year, TPT has been open for just a couple of weeks and, after months and months of plotting and planning, late nights setting the studio and waaaay too much fudge and cake at the opening party (thanks @seiveandstone!), I was mainly trying to get people to actually come in to the shop and then spending a lot of tie explaining what on earth Paint Your Own Pottery was.

I had some amazing support in those early days from people who were prepared to take a punt on coming in with their family, friends or mothers group, and soon word was starting to get out.

Fast forward a year, nearly 2000 painters, double the shelf space of stock, amazing events (like the Candles + Ceramics event shown in the photo below) & TPT now has three booked out Late Night Paint Nights between now and Christmas (with waiting lists) and a growing community of people in Perth who love pottery painting (although I still love explaining it to people for the first time and seeing their faces as they suddenly realise they too can easily create something really really cool).

It's quite overwhelming the support that TPT has received from friends, family and strangers!

So a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been part of this so far. It has been a ball*

Silly Season is well underway... it's a world away from last year. Luckily, I am keeping energy up with many, many mince pies & trying to keep a cool, calm head to make sure all runs as smoothly as it can with painters enjoying their PYOP experience.

I love Christmas & these crazy days, but can't wait to get stuck into 2020 and see where that takes TPT...

*most of the time

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