School, Kindy & Daycare 

Looking for a unique way to celebrate your amazing pupils and school?

Whether it's a whole school collaborative mural to commemorate a new building, a quiet lunchtime art club, team-building for Year Six, or a PP maths activity, we can help to give your pupils a learning experience that will be more memorable than a worksheet. 

Before the day, will liase with your staff to plan the activity and then come into your school to work alongside your staff, running the painting session and offering support to pupils throughout so they can surpass their expectations. 


We then take the pieces away to professionally glaze and fire and return them to you shortly afterwards for you to either display or return to pupils to keep. 


We always love hearing all the amazing and original ideas that come from teachers and pupils**. We'd love to help, so do get in touch!

Contact Us to find out more about the types of projects that we can help you to create. 

**FULL DISCLOSURE: "We" may be slightly biased about this view of schools, having been a primary teacher in a previous life...